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Main Street Bench Pillow (Kimberbell)

Join us for this 6-week Kimberbell Main Street Bench Pillow Class! Learn how to assemble this darling pillow, from preparing your project, to embroidering to assembling. There are both sewing and embroidery versions of this project.

Sit and Sew

Come use our beautiful spacious classroom to finish projects!

Kimberbell Star Spangled Celebration In-Store

Does your patriotic heart beat red, white, and blue? Mine too! We love all the fanfare?Main Street parades, rodeos, family picnics, and fireworks after dark. We see the Stars and Stripes and instinctively put a hand over our heart as if to hold all the emotion. Wherever you are seated, chances are you have a connection to someone who stood in defense of freedom or sacrificed to improve the lot of another. Kimberbell?s Star Spangled Celebration embroidery event honors hometown heroes and expresses gratitude to military veterans, while we celebrate the USA.

Apr 24
Kimberbell Star Spangled Celebration Virtual
Apr 26
Beginning Sewing (3 sessions)
Apr 28
Ultimate Travel OR Duffle Bag

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